Use of HB 101:

Grow A Healthy Crop, Increase The Yield, Bring Prosperity


HB-101 is being used by over 80 million users worldwide in countries such as America, Germany, Holland, Australia, India as well as 38 other countries of Asia, Europe and Africa who are getting better crops and growth. Farmers in Japan are successfully using HB-101 for last 27 years. The time has come that Pakistani farmers start using the world famous and trusted HB-101 to improve the growth, quality and quantity of their cultivations enhancing their prosperity and making the Agriculture sector of Pakistan prosper too.

Unique Features of HB-101

  • Increases the yield of Maize.
  • Strong and healthy plants give maximum production of Maize with improved quality.
  • It strengthens the immune system of plants against diseases.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reduces the use of fertilizer and pesticide in agriculture.
  • As it is 100% chemical free, it is beneficial for soil, health and environment.
  • It increases the plant's ability of in-taking nutrients and fertilizers from the soil by making strong root system with the help of microorganism present in soil.

Even in all types of extreme weather conditions for a Healthy & Excellent Cotton Crop treat the seeds with HB-101 of Japan

Benefits of Treating Cotton Seeds with HB-101
  • Even in all types of extreme weather condition get a 100% healthy growth.
  • Roots of plants are loner and thicker. This results in the growth of a strong and healthy plant.
  • Strenghten the immune system of plants which makes them more resistant to sickness and extreme weather conditions, the crop give its expected yield.
Use of HB-101 for an Excecllent Maize Crop
  • Treat one bag of Maize seeds with 250ml to 300ml of water mixed with 10ml of HB-101 or mix 10ml HB-101 when applying any fungicide.
  • Mix 50ml HB-101 with Urea to flood the Maize crop (1 acre) twice. For the first time during the first or second irrigation and for the second time during the third or fourth irrigation.
  • When the crop is 20-25 days old must use 50ml Hb-101 mixed in water foliar spray for 1 acre.

is Available in 50ml, 100ml, 500ml & 1 Liter Bottles